Clever – Breakdown

Breakdown of a commercial for Clever In this film, shot on Alexa and then motiontracked for 3D cameras we had a vision of creating photo real grass and flowers and put in to the filmed environment. The lighting is made mostly by on set HDRI, but to get shadow of […]

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NIRA – Breakdown

NIRA Dynamics Breakdown All environments are built from scratch, mountains, roads and plants. We were aiming for a feeling of real roads and real environments so we looked at the topography and got our inspiration from actual mountain roads such as Mullholland Drive in Los Angeles and Skyline Boulevard in […]

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Raid – Breakdown

VFX Breakdown – RAID Worldwar II. All of the characters were filmed in a green screen studio with the unique mask design put on. We matched the 3D scene cameras with the settings on location to get all perspectives right. All backgrounds were made with a combination of 3D and […]

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